Even the Boy Gets It

We went to our first free concert of the summer. It was outside in this
teeny park in Southold across from the IGA (local market) and next to the liquor
store. I must digress for a moment to mention that here in NY, wine and alcohol
aside from beer, cannot be purchased in the supermarket. You cannot go to the
local market and pick up some wine or a box of sangria from Target. It is not
allowed. It is very very sad especially when you consider that the liquor
stores typically close early. The one next to the park closed at 5:00; 5:00 can
you imagine? If you wanted wine with dinner, you would have to run out to the
liquor store at lunch otherwise you would be out of luck. NY has a good liquor
store lobby because they know that if wine and liquor were available at IGA,
they would likely go out of business. So the liquor store was closed when we
got to the park and there is no wine at IGA. I suppose we could have brought
Mom’s rooster wine from home but it is too large a bottle.

The band was really fun and this was one of the summer concerts
specifically for kids. They told the audience to do goofy dances and at one
point had everyone in a giant snaking conga line. Speaking of lobbying, I had
to lobby my six year old hard to get him to get up and join the conga line. I
had to join the conga line too and ended up being the caboose. Good thing I
have a substantive okole which was just right for the job. By the time the band
got into full swing, the park was hopping, literally. It was full of kids of
all sizes, in lawn chairs, on blankets, dancing to the band. One chunky little
(I was going to say haole but let’s just say 90% of those in attendance were and
leave it at that) girl in a flowered dress had this giant as-big-as-her-head paper
flower in her hair. It was like bizarro world Hawaii.

Then there were the folks next to us; two very pregnant women, two
little boys, one for each. I will say maybe two-ish. And one Dad. Little guys
like that tend to wander off a bit, head for the road, and need constant tending
as to their whereabouts. Watching the one Dad, you’d have thought that he was
just there by himself trying to listen to some tunes. He spent most of the time
sitting on his ass and trying to look cool. The two moms who literally could
have given birth during the concert were constantly up and about directing,
cajoling and otherwise rounding up the little guys. I know that they were
completely fine with the activity. They looked healthy and I know that just
because you are about to drop a baby doesn’t mean you can’t do stuff. But come
on Dad, take those kids to the other side of the band, distract them, play with
them, leave the moms alone for like 15 minutes, 10, as long as you could make
it work. But no. Sat on his ass Dad. Mom and I were kvetching in the car about
it and explained it to my son. He was like, “yeah, so lazy”. When he got home
it was the second story he told my sister about the concert, the first was what
a good time he had. He’s a gooder man already.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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1 Response to Even the Boy Gets It

  1. RobynT says:

    love it! i like to think the fathers of today take more responsibility than my father’s generation (which in some cases was pretty good compared to previous generations), but i guess it’s not always the case.

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