On Wednesday, I had a chance to take some time out of a hectic day, slow down and get a taste of Hawaii for real. When people visit Hawaii, they see it from a tourist perspective not thinking that there are plenty of folks just doing the daily job of living. Then sometimes those of us doing that daily living job forget that we are doing it in Hawaii. We take for granted the things that we love about being here. One of those things for me is Hawaiian music and hula.

So on that day last week, my significant other’s Uncle, Jerry Santos, as part of Olomana, was honored on the floor of the House of Representatives. Uncle Jerry is the one who named my son his extremely long and very beautiful Hawaiian first name. This is a tradition, to request that an elder in the family award this name. My son had never actually met Uncle Jerry until this week so it was especially special for my family. While Olomana was at the Capitol, they were presented with a certificate and then they sang. Only three songs but they filled the chamber with the sense of magic, of why everyone who happened to be in that chamber was there. One of the representatives was sort of star struck. It was very endearing. He brought his albums and CDs for them to sign. He was gracious and told me that one of their songs was his wedding song. As I sat in the gallery, I could see that people were being touched in their hearts while the band was playing. It made me think about who my Olomana would be. Who would be my defining music? Whose albums would I drag out to ask to be signed? Billy Joel? Rush? Def Leppard? I don’t really know.

I do know that while we were there in the House chamber, the music created this palpable sense of time standing still for all of the busy, busy people at the Capitol, who work there, who are generally scurrying around, much like myself. And then there I was, feeling my day slowing down, I was able to shut it all out, to just feel. And it was really, really nice. And the worst part about it was how quickly it ended. How quickly I was back to rushing off to school and rushing back to my office, rushing and rushing and rushing. It made me feel sad, how quickly those residual feelings left me. While I sat in the gallery watching Uncle Jerry play I felt. I felt a lot and I liked it. And I was sad when it was over. Being unsure of when I would feel again.

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  1. mauka-makai says:

    I love Uncle Jerry and Olomana. How about going to music performances around town whenever you can? Many of them are at hotels or restaurants with no cover (i know, parking cost $, food & drink cost $), so try find one place you like w/ free parking that has good music. Or, go outside of Waikiki Shell when get concert, free you know, can hear just as good as inside da fence!

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