A while ago I was lamenting my lack of friends. Shortly after that post I read an article in the NY Times basically detailing why people over 30 have a harder time making new friends (since I am over 40 maybe it becomes exponentially worse). Well, it seems the universe heard my plea.

Someone who I have been friends with for a long, long time and who I had kind of lost touch with (she ditched Facebook) randomly and out of the blue called me and left me a message. I am a bad phone caller (I get it from my mom) but I called her back that evening. Turns out she is temporarily living with her brothers in an apartment a stone’s throw from mine. I run past it when I run during lunch at work and always think of her when I do so. She is a lovely and intelligent person. She is quiet, insightful and never gets too riled up. Since she called she has come to dinner at Yuzu with my family and me. Then

Veggie Sushi from YuZu.

my son and I dragged her to the Ala Moana farmer’s market this past Saturday. And she agreed to be my go to the park and run partner on Sunday mornings.

Turns out we are both registered for the Honolulu Marathon in December. Early on they had a dollar a mile sign up fee. How could you not? Even if you had no plan on actually running it. What a deal. So we are both registered and in no way ready to run it. I have not run more than say 7 miles and the marathon is in about 2 months. That is not good. She is in the same boat. Lately, now that my son is older and doesn’t need constant tending first thing in the morning, I like to sleep in on the weekends. I don’t have to hover over him to make sure he isn’t putting stuff in his mouth and he is self sufficient in that he gets his yogurt drink and sets up the vintage Playstation 2 for a round of Star Wars. The downside is that sleeping in on the weekends often prevents me from getting out of bed early to go to the park to run long distances. So when I do drag myself out, I just run around the neighborhood which is personally unsatisfying.

A perfect storm of running needs. I talked newly reconnected friend into going to the park at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings. A match made in heaven. If I know I have to pick her up, I wake up. If she knows I am coming to pick her up, she will wake up. Then there we were at Kapiolani Park this past Sunday before 7:00 a.m. Absolutely wonderful. And while neither of us has committed to the marathon, it is the small steps.

One of the other things that this friend has prompted me to do is study the Thai language again. She had lived in Japan and we were discussing the loss of language once you leave the country. I have been out of Thailand for a really, really long time. I have lost a lot of vocabulary but for some reason still retain most of the Thai letters. We talked about what a shame it would be to lose that. So every night, I have been reading some Thai. Listening to some Thai. My son is into it. He wants to learn the letters and go for สงกรานต์. I dug out

Favorite holiday ever!

my Thai reader. I found a website. Good stuff.

Of all the people that have cycled into and out of my life here in Hawaii, this particular friend is good for me. Aside from the running and Thai studying, new old friend reminds me that sometimes I have to stop talking and listen. I like that. Forcing me to stop. And think. And listen. It is not easy for me. I am loud and talky. She teaches me patience and quiet. The universe seems to know what I need. And I am paying attention.

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