In the Name of Love

I just ran out to 7-11 because I have not had a diet coke in like two
days. If you are a diet coke addict you will understand. I had the same urge to
run out at like nine last night but felt it was ridiculous and I should quell
the urge with seltzer water. That was OK for one night but not two. And why was
any self-respecting individual even in a 7-11 to buy soda at 9:00 p.m.? Because
it is the only thing open in town. Yes, you heard me. I know, you are there in
Honolulu, feeling all smug because Foodland is open 24 hours. Let me tell you,
out here in the country, things are different. The IGA (local market) doesn’t
open till 8:00 a.m. How shocking is that? Can you imagine? Yeah, there is no
stopping by to pick up stuff before going to work. But hey, there is always
7-11. And along with the opening late is the closing early. Are you thinking
what I’m thinking? I should work at IGA. Come sundown the IGA in Greenport
sends home their mostly surly workers and there is no place to buy anything.

All kidding aside about the inability to purchase normal items after
sunset, it has gotten much better out here since I was a kid. There are
actually restaurants that are still open right now and you could likely get a
drink and possibly some ice cream. When I was young Greenport rolled in the
sidewalks at sundown. It has now got this “the next Hamptons” thing going on.
My mom constantly complains about the abundance of art galleries now and is
astounded at the cost of things of things in the boutiques. I feel that if it
weren’t for this wine country/locally grown produce/in the pathway to the ferry
to the casino renaissance that Greenport would be a desolate ghost town.  While an argument could be made that this influx of tourism has not provided substantive employment opportunities, at least there is employment out here, at a minimum during the summer season.

When I took the car out to go on my diet coke quest my mom said to me,
watch out for the deer. Deer tend to run out into the road and get hit by cars.
The problem with this is that deer are really large so hitting one is not only
detrimental to the deer but can be detrimental to humans and cars as well. We
had to avoid a deer recently while driving in Joe’s car. I had not been looking
at the road but I did when Joe gasped and braked. All I saw was deer butt
running across the lane of oncoming traffic. Luckily I did not see any deer on
my journey tonight (or raccoons or opossum). I returned to mom’s house
triumphant with my super big gulp of diet coke (so, so wrong). It was extreme happiness
for under $2 and worth every penny. I will have to remember to visit the IGA tomorrow
so this won’t happen again. And I will have to remember to do it before sundown
but after 8:00 a.m.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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