Do Pirates Fart?

My HI friend, Paula wrote about writing in her blog today (  She wrote about how difficult it is to put yourself out there through written
words. How it can make your stomach hurt and how sometimes you can’t feel good
about it on your own. I have so been there. I have always loved to write but I
could never, ever, ever show what I had written to anyone. Maybe it is just an
extreme lack of self-confidence. Hard to say. Since hightailing it out of my
old life, I have found it easy to some extent to just do it. It will be
interesting to see what happens once I am reincorporated back in Hawaii, if I
will still write with reckless abandon. Clearly, the bulk of folks reading my
blog are my Hawaii peeps so knowing that your readers, even if they are people
you know, are not people you actually see, makes it easier.

My six year old son has taken up writing. He is constantly asking for
paper. He has started more books than anyone I know. He has sit down twice this
week and drafted giant lists of titles that he will be writing. Today’s list
included the plagiaristic “Harry Potter and the Broken Spellbook”, the
intriguing “Mystery of the Ching Sae Ninja: Season 7” (not sure what happened
to seasons one through six) and the ever amusing title of today’s blog entry.
His books are not warm and fuzzy. They are generally full of monsters, devils
and magic and frequently have the word “blood” in the title (the blood puddle,
yes blood & the bloody neck).

Over the weekend he sat down and wrote the first chapter of “The
Mystery of the Devil Towers”. It was a page and a half that he wrote, mostly
without punctuation or capitalization, in about half an hour. He ended up
taking it to school with him today to show his teacher. As an aside, the two of
them are having a lovefest. She got him nominated student of the month. He
spends extra time practicing his handwriting so that he can “make her proud.”
This is a new experience for me. So he takes this one chapter to her today and
she ends up having him read his story out loud to the class. I was wondering
how his classmates felt about that today. I was wondering how he felt about
that. Did he jump at the chance when she asked him? Did he need to be talked
into it? Was he nervous when he was doing it? I would like to think that he was
proud to share his thoughts. Proud to share this part of himself. I hope that he
always feels confident enough to do this. To not be afraid to just put it out
there. I love his creative, imaginative spirit and hope that he can keep it
alive forever. Hope that it is not crushed or smothered by the world. I hope
that he is braver than I have been.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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1 Response to Do Pirates Fart?

  1. RobynT says:

    so awesome! i teach college writing and this makes me think i need to help my students find that love of writing!

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