Superficial Concerns

It’s true. I like it when my hair looks good. It is mostly my
hairdressers fault. I met her when I was working at Borders a million years
ago. She was in training at Paul Brown and they needed hair models for the
classes. For some reason, I thought that it would be a good idea to bleach my
hair blonde. If you have dark hair, and you have ever done this, you know that
it severely damages your hair. After about the second time I did it, my hair
didn’t even feel like hair anymore. It felt like wet cotton candy. It was kind
of gross. I have never done it since. I have however, from that day on (till
death do us part) put my hair in the hands of Pamela, formerly of Paul Brown.

My friends make fun of me and my three hour hair appointments with
Pamela (yeah, I’m talking to you YY). I don’t know if it is because she is
fastidious or just slow but truth be told, I don’t care. Over the years the
cost of having my hair done by Pam has escalated into what my mother would
consider to be the outrageously priced zone. I will admit that there was some
preferential pricing on the color but then I would just tip Pam that money
anyway. I think that she likes me because I am pretty easy going as far as Paul
Brown customers are concerned. When I first started seeing her we had a joke
that my name was Kim Domingo (Pamela is Filipino and her maiden name was so
long that I could neither spell it nor say it.) It was my secret Filipino name
until they put me in the computer and I had to stop using it.

We have been through a lot Pamela and me and, the best part, the best
part is that, she makes me look fabulous. She does. Like complete strangers
stop me and ask me who did my hair. When I first got out here to NY, someone
asked me. See, now that I’ve been here for almost six months and I have tried
the two “upscale” salons in town with extremely marginal results, I appreciate
Pamela more than ever. Keanu is actually calling today (closed today, he has to
call back tomorrow) to make me an appointment as soon as possible once I am
back in Hawaii. I fully concede that I do not have the vocabulary to tell the
girls here exactly what I want them to do so I don’t expect them to be like
Pamela but I do expect the sides to be even (first cut they weren’t) and after
a two hour dye job I expect to have no roots (I can show them to you.) Joe
tells me that I should complain but the truth is, you hit that point, and all
you want to do is be out of there and you don’t ever want to go back. So, since
I paid a fortune for a bad cut, good color but continued roots I am very
excited to go and see Pam again in December. I can’t wait! I think that I will
give her a big hug before I sit in her chair and she works her magic on me. And
if you’re in Hawaii and trying to find a fabulous holiday look, get in touch
with me. I know exactly who you should see.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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