Blessed Be

I am not a religious person. Before my parents divorced, my dad, a Catholic, made sure that I was receiving all the appropriate religious training. I went to religion class and was confirmed. My mom tried to continue the Catholicism after she separated from my dad. But as she was not Catholic, her version of continuing our participation consisted of dropping my sister and me off at the church on Ash Wednesday. So there I am the big sister who doesn’t really want to be there with the little sister that really doesn’t want to be there. That was the last time that happened. Since then, there has been little worship in my life. Although I tend to catch LKY praying quite frequently and my son attends a Buddhist school, we are not organized religion folk. So for me to say that I feel blessed, it is not something that I say lightly. 

I had the opportunity recently to participate in an outreach project that truly was outside of my comfort zone. I volunteered to allow my mammogram to be documented both through the written word (my own), video and photos with the goal of perhaps demystifying the experience, encouraging someone to get the screening or just reminding someone that they needed to schedule their appointment. It was the first time that I was ever videotaped, ever interviewed and the results were, are, surprisingly good. Maybe that sounds as if I am full of pride, and maybe I am, proud of what we have produced. Not just me but a few co-workers who said “yes”. I love it when the first response is yes. There is not a lot of that in this world, especially, I find, in the work environment. These guys who I worked with are yes-men and I hope to be able to work with them again in the future. You can find my guest blog and the video here:

Really, for me, this entire thing was a labor of love; a labor of love for my aunt in New York who beat breast cancer and for LKY’s cousin & aunties, who continue to fight and mostly defeat this dreaded disease. Unfortunately, I am of an age where I know way too many people with cancer. I hate that. This is my small part in that fight. To offer something that was a little more personal and meaningful than doing a run or wearing pink. Something that maybe will make a difference in someone’s life. And for this, I feel blessed. It is the only word that comes to mind, blessed.

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