Mom and the Gays

Last night my Mom took me to a potluck celebration with folks who she
takes boot camp classes with. The instructor hosts this every year once the
cycle of classes has ended. She has everyone over to her very lovely home in
Greenport (the town closest to my Mom’s). My Mom has been, for the past week or
so, what I call “showing us off”. My son went to her school yesterday and I was
invited to this pau hana for my close up. We all congregated in the instructor’s
yard, drank wine and ate pupus. The crowd was, for the most part, older. I met
a woman who had fallen on the ice in her driveway last winter and broken her
femur. Can you imagine breaking your femur? She credited her attendance at boot
camp class with her recovery. Breaks like that in an older individual can
frequently lead to very bad outcomes. This lady is planning on attending boot
camp in the Fall. She is a poster child for remaining active.

The group of folks included two gay couples which for me personally is
a non-event. The reason that I bring this up is because we are in small town
America. We are in red land. I am pretty certain that the Congressman representing
this area publicly spoke out against gay marriage last week. This is where we
are. The demographics of the gathering was, as I mentioned, all older folks.
Folks who likely have spent a good portion of their lives in these tiny east
end towns. These tiny, very red, very small-town towns. And you know what; the
attendance of these gay couples was a non-event for everyone at the party. That
so rocks.

I am glad that my Mom is not like some of her friends who follow the
cult of Rush Limbaugh. I am sure that I could not stay six months here if that
were the case. But it’s not. Interestingly enough, my friend Joe says my Mom
has the “rainbow connection” out here. My Mom with her loud, competitive ways
has found comfort and friendship within this community. It makes me proud of my
Mom. Proud that she is able to not care who is loving whom.

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