Resumes in the Wind

One month of non-rigorous job searching has resulted in, nothing. No call backs. No rejection letters. No one telling me that I suck. No nothing. It is like I stood on the top of the bulkhead and tossed my resumes and carefully worded letters into the Bay. Whenever the phone rings at my Mom’s I get a tightness inside like it might be someone calling me for a job but then it is one of my Mom’s friends or a robo-call. She actually gets a lot of these. I am guessing it is because she has a land line and has not been put on the no-call list. This and the fact that she is over 65. Many of the scripts begin with, “are you over 65?” that’s when you know it is time to hang up. It is interesting to get these kinds of calls since I have not had a land line in some time and don’t get them anymore. I keep waiting to get a call from Barack Obama, although he already texts me all the time.

I went today and met with some folks who are in the process of opening a deli/market on this lovely little road in Mattituck called Love Lane. Our friend from Hawaii is associated with them and he is the one who put in a good word for me. The women I met with were lovely but the market is nowhere near the point where they know what their staffing needs will be. They really had nothing to tell me about potential jobs or work or timeframes. They did tell me that my HI referrer had told them that he would not be able to dedicate a lot of time to the market but that he would “train me” to do whatever it was he was supposed to be doing for them. This was kind of a surprise to me and scared me a fair deal. My HI referrer was responsible for bringing sushi to the fish market out here. Did that mean that I could potentially be responsible for making sushi at the market? Nothing like these little surprises to keep you on your toes.

It is amazing to me how quickly the weeks are running by. You’d think that without the time gauge that is the work day that it would be slower, the days would be lazy and unhurried. It is not the case. We pack so much activity into each day that it is overflowing. The daylight hours are almost not enough despite the fact that it isn’t truly dark till after 9:00 p.m. We are living the shit out of this summer. It has the manic pace that is my Mom’s daily life. We all seem to be in her groove; dancing to the same beat and wringing the days dry. No wonder the entire house goes silent at sundown; we have no choice. The dogs (five right now!), my son, my sister and even myself most days, succumb to the rhythms of early to bed and early to rise as we follow Mom’s lead, mostly with no complaints.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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