Gadding with Ghouls

Going out trick-or-treating with a six year old makes you remember how
much fun Halloween is. I refuse to take part in any mall festivities. I prefer
a good old fashioned door-to-door.  In Hawaii last year we drove out to Hawaii Kai and invaded a known Halloween neighborhood. In NY this year, we did much the same except we were bundled up and there was alcohol involved. My friend Chrissie told me that all the adults drank during trick-or-treating. I did not believe her. On the way to her house,
we passed a group of trick-or-treaters, the parents on one side of the road
with the kids on the other. The parents had a wagon with a cooler inside and as
we slowed to pass the group, one of the Dads raised a hand to wave at us while
holding a Mike’s Hard Lemonade in the other. So then there we were, carting
beers around (Chrissie had a martini in a travel coffee mug) along our route.

The neighborhood in Mattituck was great for trick-or-treating. I did
notice that there were mostly older kids out and that mine was one of the
youngest, especially when it got dark. At the first houses, he didn’t want to
go up alone so I would walk up close to the door with him. Halfway through he
was telling me to stand down by the curb and he was going it alone. He liked it
best when the bunches of kids started to thin out and he didn’t have to try to
elbow in to get to the door. He started saying “trick or treat” and was
remembering to say thank you. I love that. At one of the houses close to the
end of our evening, there must have been a remote controlled sound effects
thing or one that had to be tripped. My son got the full effect and nearly face
planted on the guy’s lawn. It was pretty hilarious.

After the rotten weekend, the weather was perfect tonight. It was clear
and cool but not freezing. We got home around seven and examined our loot and
decided to call Keanu. Unlike me, who feels that our time in NY is so close to
being done, he feels the opposite. The closer the time comes to when we will be
reunited, the further it feels to him. Maybe because the time is so close he
feels that even though it is short, it is even more unbearable. For me, I am
ecstatic. I am ready. I sent boxes home today and will pack more tomorrow. I am
tidying up my life here, packing it up and shipping it out. We are soon to follow.
He says that there are things that I will miss about my temporary NY life. He
says that I will be sadder than I think. He is probably right but the happy
thoughts are blinding and everything else is eclipsed by them. I wish that I
could send some of them to Keanu; some of my happy thoughts.  I could probably do with fewer of them in order to lessen the guilt I have about how happy I feel about leaving.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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